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Using paint products with Zero or Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) protects your indoor air quality as well as our outdoor environment. Zero or Low VOC paint products are widely available for any residential or commercial painting project.

Toxic Paint Health Effects

Using paint products that have high VOC can often cause health issues. Some of the more common side effects are; headaches, nausea, irritation to your eyes, throat and nose, dizziness and allergic reactions. Often chemicals like petrochemicals, solvents, mercury, formaldehyde and benzene can be found in your conventional paints. All of those chemicals do a combination of things to the paint like; pigment for color and hiding power, binder that holds pigment to surface, and a carrier to maintain the pigment and binder in liquid form. Elderly, pregnant woman, small children, offices and those with compromised immune systems or environmental allergies are especially sensitive to the effects of these paints.

Non-Toxic and Low VOC Paints

Fortunately, there are non-toxic, eco-friendly paints that you can use to avoid all the chemicals and side effects of the conventional paints. Using Zero or Low VOC paints is an easy way to keep your living space non-toxic. Many paint companies offer Zero or Low VOC paints. Benjamin Moore Paints and Pittsburgh Paints have certified seals like “GreenGuard” and “Green Seal.” Milk protein, lime clay and earth pigments are many alternatives used in the paints in place of the harsh chemicals used in the conventional paints.

Cost Comparison and Quality

Even though conventional toxic paints are more readily available, non-toxic, Zero or Low VOC paints are extremely comparable in price. Since non-toxic paints are being used more and more, the overall costs are virtually equal to that of a toxic paint product. The most frequent question we get asked is, if the quality is as good as a conventional paint? Zero or Low VOC paints perform just as well in terms of coverage, washability and elasticity and offer cleaner, non-toxic air in your home.
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